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About the Position

Traditional Counselor is a seasonal summer only position.

If you enjoy working with children and being outdoors this is the perfect opportunity for you! Traditional counselors have many responsibilities, from group management to activities, but the most important is to provide a safe and fun environment for our campers. You must be a responsible and reliable person, possess
good communication skills and be fun and energetic. This is an overnight position from Sunday
through Friday.

Job Responsibilities:
● Collaborate with entire Summer Camp Team
● Provide a fun and safe environment for all campers
● Ensure campers safely arrive at program areas and meals on time
● Participate enthusiastically in activities (Songs, daily/evening activities etc.)
● Plan and teach programs/classes for campers as needed
Classes include (but are not limited to)
Arts & Crafts
Shooting Sports (Archery & Riflery)
Waterfront (Swimming, Boating, Paddling)
Nature Skills (river walks, native plants, etc)
Outdoor skills (survival)
Sports & Games
Challenge & Team Building
Performing arts (dance, theatre, drama)
We are open to ideas!
● Assist co-counselors with other programs/classes as needed
● Report all programming issues to Program Manager
● Report all co-counselor/camper issues to Head Counselors
● Ensure campers are practicing proper heath and hygiene on a daily basis
● Follow and enforce all DPH/ACA/Camp Marshall mandated hygiene and health
● Respect all campers, staff, and property (Camp and personal)
● Maintain Camp Marshall’s standards for cabin cleanliness and safety

Ideal candidate skills:
● Ability to maintain a professional relationship with campers, coworkers, and all other staff
● Ability to work in a fast paced environment with campers and other staff members
● Ability to diffuse and resolve minor conflicts
● Ability to utilize critical thinking skills to direct larger issues directly to the appropriate
● Ability to recognize when a camper is in need of medical attention
● Ability to retain critical health information pertaining to their assigned campers
● Ability to observe, recognize, and resolve bullying and homesickness utilizing skills
obtained through staff training
● Ability to maintain composure in high stress or volatile situations
● Ability to discreetly assist campers with bathroom accidents and bring forth information about repeat occurrences as needed

● Assist campers in nighttime and morning routines
● Ability to discreetly assist campers with bedwetting incidents (will be discussed in staff training)

Job Requirements:
● Must be 16 years of age or older (Limited positions for Junior Counselors 16-18 years old)
● Must be CPR/First Aid certified (Camp can provide training if not certified)
● Must pass a CORI/SORI/NSOR provided by Camp Marshall
● Previous work with children is a plus but is not required
● Attend and participate actively in staff training (provided by Camp)
● Follow and enforce all Camp Marshall policies and procedures
● Physical endurance to be on one’s feet walking, crouching, bending, twisting, reaching
above head, and lifting at least 40 lbs.

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