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EST ✦ 1952

Camp Marshall has provided the magical experience of summer camp to children for over 70 years, where friendships and memories are made that will last a lifetime!  If you're looking for an outdoor based, hands-on and fun learning experience for your child, you've come to the right place! 

Meet The Team

Camp Marshall's year round operations are supported by a small dedicated staff. These employees support our facility, equestrian center and rentals program in addition to taking on an expanded summer staff each year to support our summer camp programs. We greatly appreciate their hard work in the off season to help prepare our property each year for a successful camp season each year.  


Center Director

Marjorie Bailey
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Equine Director

Niki Fiorentino

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Office Manager

Kiera Calzini
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Facilities Manager

David Standish

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Adam Griffin

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