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Dear Friends and Families of Camp Marshall,


We wanted to inform you that due to staffing shortages and the inability at the University of Massachusetts to provide a designated staff member, the university has decided to end all their relationships and affiliations of 4-H with the 4-H Summer Camps in Massachusetts. We understand that this decision may come as a surprise and may be disappointing for those who have been a part of our 4-H community/partnership. This is not a choice made by Camp Marshall, and involves all summer camp relationships in Massachusetts that had a partnership with 4-H. 


We are thankful that Camp Marshall is a private non-profit organization with a history rooted in 4-H, and we have always provided a safe, educational camp experience as a separate entity. While we are saddened that this connection is ending after 72 years, we want to assure you that we cherish the values of the 4-H program and will continue to offer a meaningful camp experience.


Moving forward, we are excited to take this opportunity to create new traditions that better serve our campers, families, and our community. We are committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for all campers, and we will continue to deliver a high-quality camp experience.

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