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The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program

14 -16 Years of Age

 The goal of the C.I.T program is to teach our future leaders of the community the meaning of leadership, teamwork and working with children in a different environment. This program runs for 3 sessions, each session being 2 weeks long where campers return home Friday afternoons with other campers and check-in the following Sunday again for their 2nd week. This program will focus on learning different types/styles of leadership and how to apply those skills to the current environment. These newly learned skills will be valuable not only here at Camp, but will be skills your future leader can use at school, and eventually in the working industry. Your camper will also learn the skills needed to work with today's campers, from behavior management skills and emergency preparedness all the way to their overall responsibility and care in group settings. 

Your C.I.T will also participate in classes 2-3 times a week with their designated C.I.T director. These classes are meant to get together as a group, work through problems together and learn as a unit the needed skills to proceed in their program. While not in their designated classes, your C.I.T will be with other classes, helping counselors and observing campers/counselors while putting their skills to the test. 

The second week in their program will focus on the planning and organization portion of being a camp counselor/future leader. Your camper will select a class of their choice that they are enrolled in and go through the process of planning and executing an activity on their last day of classes. Campers will go through the steps of picking a class, select the activity of their choice, gather needed materials and teach said activity to the campers of the class. In this exercise, your campers will become the counselors. Our counselors and other members of leadership/admin will be with your C.I.T every step of the way providing as much support as possible to ensure your camper is successful. 

C.I.T programs are available in both Traditional Camp and Horse Camp. Please note that Horse C.I.T is a NON-RIDING program. As a C.I.T in the horse program, your camper will focus on the above skills, while also adding in important safety factors for working with horses and children. C.I.T will help teach their younger peers the ins and outs of horsemanship, basic riding skills and care such as grooming, feeding and stable management. Horse C.I.Ts must have previous horse experience of at least 2 years, physical riding experience is NOT required.

Internship Program for those that are at least 16 years of age and have completed our LIT and CIT Program may be available.  This is an unpaid working position, please submit an employment application. We offer limited spaces for this position, apply early to be able to add this experience to your resume and college application!

Intern hours can be applied to fulfill community service hours.​

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