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About the Position

The Night Cook is a seasonal position. Running a safe, healthy and efficient kitchen is a vital part of our summer season. The night cook is responsible for dinner for up to 200 children and staff. Planning for, preparing, serving and cleaning up dinner for our summer campers and staff requires staff that is committed to being on time everyday, having enthusiasm for the job and enjoys working with children. Note - Admin has the right to change and alter this job description at their discretion.
Job Responsibilities:
● All tasks related to meal prep
● All tasks related to keeping the kitchen clean
● Prioritize food safety and allergen safety
● Work closely with members of the kitchen staff as well as the Admin Team ● Ensure all Servsafe protocols are being followed
● Ensure any additional BOH and DOH protocols are being followed
● Keeping all kitchen areas, work spaces, surfaces, walk-ins/fridges, food storage clean. ● Dishes from cooking, prepping or after meals
● Must be able to adhere to all safety and health protocols
● Assist with dining area as needed
● Take trash out after every meal or more as needed
● Keep kitchen area clean and organized at all times
● Sweep and mop after every meal service or additionally if needed, such as something spilling onto the floor.
● Responsible use of chemicals such as sanitizers and cleaning chemicals including proper storage of all said chemicals when they are not in use.
● Respond appropriately to emergency situations, alerting appropriate staff, and assisting with campers
● Must be able to work independently when needed with limited to no redirection. ● Other duties as assigned by Kitchen Manager or Admin Team
Job Requirements:
● Must be 21 years of age or older
● Must be able to pass a CORI/SORI/NSOR (Provided by Camp)
● Must have a valid and up to date ServSafe Certificate for Massachusetts ● Must be CPR/First Aid certified (Camp can provide if not currently certified) ● Must have a reliable means of transportation to ensure you are on time to work each day ● Must be able to maintain a clean and orderly kitchen and food service area at all times
including taking trash out, cleaning counters/machines/floors, doing dishes and any/all other related duties on a daily basis as required from Kitchen Supervisor, Night Cook or Admin Team.
● Physical requirements: ability to stand for prolonged periods of time, bend, stoop, crouch, and lift at least 50 lbs

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