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Staff FAQs

Where is Camp Marshall?

Camp Marshall is about one hour west of Boston

in the rolling hills Spencer, Massachusetts. The camp

is located on 275 acres on the edge of Thompson Pond

and the Spencer State Forest. 


How do I get to camp?
We are located at 92 McCormick Rd in Spencer MA.

Nearby airports include Logan International Airport

in Boston, Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks

CT and TF Green Airport in Providence Rhode Island. We can arrange for rides from these airports.

The nearest train station is about 20 minutes away in Worcester. 


Where do staff come from?

We have 5 year round staff members here at Camp Marshall. Our seasonal summer staff come from all over! We hire locally, nationally and internationally. Our staff are very diverse and multi-cultural and we encourage you to bring your culture with you. We encourage you to bring with you anything that may help you share your culture with us - music, pictures, slides, or posters, samples of money, books, clothing, stories, recipes, etc. 


Where will I be living?

Camp Marshall's rustic cabins are all-wood construction, with screens, doors and have bunk capacity from 6 to 10 beds in each cabin. The unheated cabins are not equipped with lights or electricity. Although mattresses are provided, staff members should bring their own bedding. The camp is separated into boys' and girls' sides each with bathhouses on each side equipped with toilets and hot showers.


Will I be given any training?

Of course! Our staff training session is mandatory for all summer staff and occurs before the first group of campers arrives. We will give you a lot of information about working with campers, leading activities, and behavior management. All staff will receive CPR and first aid certification during camp training. During this time, you will meet the other staff members that will be your co-workers and participate in team building exercises and experiences that will help create a united team.


What do summer staff wear?

Staff are provided staff shirts which they wear certain days of the week. Additional weekly theme days allow staff to wear non staff shirts while still showing their camp spirit and individuality. Safe, functional and comfortable footwear and clothing items are a must in the great outdoors. 


What should I pack?

Check out the camper packing list in the Parent Camper Handbook as you will essentially need what they will. 


Where do I do my laundry?
There are laundry facilities onsite free of charge. You will need to provide your own laundry detergent. 

What do I do with my valuables while at camp?
We recommend that you leave most valuables at home. For the things you need to bring such as passports, money etc we have a safe for them to be kept in.


What is the weather like in Massachusetts?
A common quote around New England is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!” The weather changes dramatically from really hot sunny days to cooler rainy days. We have mostly sunny and warm days and cool evenings. Staff orientation days in June can be a bit cool. Definitely remember to pack a rain jacket and waterproof shoes too!


Is there Internet access at camp?
Yes. We have free wireless access available in our office. Please note this should only be used in your time off.


Will my cell phone work at camp?
Yes. Most people find that they get a decent cell signal at camp.


Will I get time off?
Yes. Every staff gets one period per day off.  


What about days off?
Every staff member will get one night off a week, nights off are assigned on a weekly basis. All staff are generally off from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon each week. 

When will I be paid?

Your salary, negotiated in advance and stated in your contract, is based on your responsibilities, skill levels, and experience. The full salary is for a full seasons work. If you are required to leave for any reason, your salary will be adjusted appropriately. During the summer season, paychecks are dispersed on a biweekly basis. 


What if I have special dietary needs?

If you have any special dietary needs, we will try hard to provide you with a healthy diet that meets your needs.


What do I do if I have any questions?

Please contact us at any time with any questions you may have. Our office number is

508-885-4891 and email is

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