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Take the worry out of gift giving this season with the gift of Summer Camp!

Reasons to give the gift of Summer Camp:

  • Camp always fits, your child will never outgrow it!

  • Camp won't shrink if you wash it!

  • Camp will always fit under the tree!

  • Camp won't need fancy gift wrap!

  • Camp won't take up space in the house!

  • Camp is practically one size fits all!

  • Camp gives parents a vacation in the summer too!

  • Camp helps children grow and gain new skills!

  • Camp is an experience for a lifetime not just one time!

  • Most of all, 100% of kids who don't go to summer camp miss out on having fun at summer camp!

Camp gift certificates are emailed to you within 1 to 3 business days of your order. Gift certificates are a beautifully colored PDF perfect for printing and tucking into a card for gifting. Please include the child's name when filling out our gift certificate request form. 

Have questions about how this process works? 


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