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Forms & Medical Information 

Do I need to provide medical forms for my child?

We use an online service called for all our camper's medical and liability forms. Upon processing your registration, we will email you an invitation to create your account. This is a secure and easy-to-use service that provides our camp's medical staff with quick access to important medical information for our campers. 


 What forms do I need to get from the physician?

Three things are required for attendance at Camp Marshall:

  1.  A current physical (within the last two years from the date of attendance at camp).  The physical MUST be current throughout the child’s stay at camp.

  2. An immunization record.  Current Massachusetts state regulations for camps require the following immunizations for attendance at camp:

    • Two MMR’s (measles, mumps and rubella).

    • At least 3 doses polio vaccine. If a mixed (IVP/OPV) schedule was used, four doses are required.

    • At least 4 doses of DTaP.

    • One dose of Td (Tdap preferred) for campers and staff entering grades 7 through college if it has been 5 years since the last shot. Everyone else is required to have a dose of Td (Tdap preferred) if it has been more than 10 years since the previous dose of Td.

    • 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine, or laboratory evidence of immunity if born in 1992 or after.

  3. Medication orders.  If your child takes medication routinely, or on an as needed basis as noted above, you will need to obtain an order from a physician for EACH medication as well as sign the parental consent form.  Camp Marshall follows the medication regulations put in place by the State of Massachusetts for schools, which helps to protect your child and our staff and ensure medications are managed by a licensed professional. If you wish to have another OTC medication that is NOT on this form given to your child, whether on a daily or as needed basis, you MUST obtain a written doctor’s order for the medication, EVEN IF IT IS OVER THE COUNTER.  This includes medications such as Claritin and homeopathic doses such as melatonin and homeopathic supplements.


I'm having trouble uploading the forms. What do I do? 

If for some reason you are unable to upload your child's physical, immunization and insurance information to your CampDoc account, you can send it to our office and we can upload it for you. 


What if my child has not received immunizations or does not see a doctor for a physical?

Massachusetts allows for a religious or medical waiver of immunizations; Massachusetts does NOT recognize a waiver for philosophical reasons.  You will be asked to either produce a medical waiver signed by a physician, or to sign a religious exemption waiver if your child is not fully immunized or had a physical under MA state law.  If your child is not fully immunized and there is an outbreak of disease for which your child is not immunized, you will need to pick your child up from camp immediately.


The laws specified by the State of Massachusetts.

  • (A) Religious Exceptions. If a camper or staff member has religious objections to physical examinations or immunizations, the camper or staff member shall submit a written statement, signed by a parent or legal guardian of the camper, to the effect that the individual is in good health and stating the reason for such objections.

  • (B) Immunization Contraindicated. Any immunization specified in 105 CMR 430.152 shall not be required if the health history required by 105 CMR 430.151 includes a certification by a physician that he or she has examined the individual and that in the physician's opinion the physical condition of the individual is such that his or her health would be endangered by such immunization.

The following links are for informational purposes provided by the DPH of Massachusetts. 

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